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Nucleate Cultivate is expanding their unique opportunity for students to get immersed in the alt protein and cell ag industry to reach a wider pool of students. Cultivate will engage and grow the sustainable food tech talent pool in the coming years by providing opportunities for education, research, and professional development in the cellular agriculture and wider food tech field.  In addition to the Hackathon, Cultivate has plans to host seminar series, workshops, online educational courses, community-building events, and many other opportunities for its community.


If you are interested in getting involved with the organization behind these types of programs, please take a look at our open officer positions that we are currently recruiting for. We are looking for students passionate about the alternative protein space with excellent leadership, communication, and innovation skills. Together we will help build the infrastructure of the alt protein industry. 

  1. Submit your Application by June 20, 2023 (accepted on a rolling basis)

  2. Officer Interviews (June 1 - July 1)

  3. Decisions made by mid-July

  4. Official on-boarding and weekly meetings start in August

Application Process

Open Officer Positions

We look forward to reviewing your applications and seeing what ideas you have for advancing Cultivate into the future. Following application submission, expect to hear back within the next couple weeks regarding interviews and next steps.

  • Expanding our presence on social media platforms and collaborating with other relevant accounts to build following and influence (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) 

  • Ensuring website upkeep on Wix and posting about relevant updates to the hackathon

  • Coordinating with the rest of the team to publish content that is relative to our brand image across social media

  • Maintain efforts to regularly engage with members of our past and future programs in order to gain user feedback on current pain points and value adds

  • Be in consistent collaboration with the Director of Student Experience to plan and adjust the curriculums for different Cultivate programs. 

  • Set up learning programs, crash course introductions, seminar or workshops with experts, and more content to equip hackathon participants for the hacking period

  • Example: Recruit food anthropologist, plant scientist, FDA / food safety and regulatory process, building a start-up, head of R&D, TEA analysis, etc.

  • Be setting up regular calls with other life science or startup education initiatives in order to exchange notes on best practices for curriculums and curriculum planning. 

  • Building a community for our student participants and helping them through the Cultivate initiative application processes and following steps for various educational programs and initiatives.

  • Organize office hours for participants to meet with organizers and address any issues

  • Working towards driving engagement from students and preparing the networking sessions for participants, team formation events, mentor matching process, and hacking period.

  • Collaborating with the Director of Marketing and VP of Education to ideate creative solutions to increase student engagement with our programs and initiatives and maintain efforts to regularly engage with members of our programs.

  • Seek out a diverse set of expert mentors for each hackathon track and facilitate communication with them.

  • Create onboarding materials for mentors and guide them through the team matching process

  • Check-in with mentors throughout the hackathon and help solve any communication issues with teams

  • Create more engagement opportunities between mentors and students

  • Ideate, define, and write-up hackathon and other project prompts and evaluation criteria for different competition-style education programs

  • Seek out a diverse set of expert judges for each hackathon track and facilitate communication with them.

  • Create and provide onboarding materials for the judges which includes, but is not limited to: slide deck, videos, surveys, score cards.

  • Collaborate with the rest of the hackathon team and the VP of Education 

  • Make sure all organizers are involved and feel connected to the team

  • Implement small solutions to build community within the Nucleate Cultivate team (eg. weekly coffee chats)

  • Organize events (virtual or in-person) for organizers to meet and spend time together outside of meetings

  • Managing Nucleate Cultivate’s Budget.

  • Reaching out to sponsors and sourcing funds for future initiatives and program upkeep.

  • Managing sponsor relationships 

  • Working with the social chair to organize events for the Cultivate team.

  • Be in consistent communication with the rest of the Nucleate Cultivate director team and the Nucleate HQ Director of Finance + HQ Director of Partnerships to handle and manage transactions from the Cultivate bank account.

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