Cultivate Officer Position Listings

We are always looking for passionate, innovative, and energetic students who want to help forge the path to a world with sustainable, cultivated food products. If you are interested in joining our team, please check out the officer positions below and fill out an application form: 

Director of Marketing

As our Director of Marketing, you will lead efforts for engaging with the community, attracting interest in our initiatives, and managing Cultivate’s social media presence.

Director of Finance

As our Director of Finance, you will have the opportunity to lead financing to ensure operational excellence, appropriate capitalization and cost efficient growth.

VP of Education

As our VP of Education you will have the opportunity to source educational materials and spearhead educational seminars, office hours, and workshops for initiatives within the Nucleate Cultivate ecosystem.

VP of Student Experience

As VP of Student Experience you will oversee communication with students participating in Cultivate programs and events. You will work with program leads and the VP of education to ensure students are well-prepared for Cultivate events and programs.

VP of Professional Development

As our VP of Professional Development you will have the opportunity to build professional development programs, seek and post job opportunities in cell ag hackathon, and support initiatives within the NucleateCultivate ecosystem.

VP of Research

As our VP of Research you will collaborate on project and hackathon prompts, and have the opportunity to communicate, onboard, and serve as a liaison for our industry and academic experts, serving as judges and mentors for Cultivate hackathon.

VP of Programming

As our VP of Programming you will have the opportunity to dream up and spearhead panels, workshops, and new initiatives within the NucleateCultivate ecosystem.

Program Leads

As a program lead, you’ll be directly involved with deploying our programming and developing new initiatives. We are still in the process of planning our programs. If you’re interested in getting involved early and contributing towards a program you want to see/lead remotely, let us know by sending an email to