Director of Finance

As our Director of Finance, you will have the opportunity to lead financing to ensure operational excellence, appropriate capitalization and cost efficient growth.

Key Outcomes

  1. Establishing goals for, and driving our quarterly and annual financial planning process. This includes setting goals and creating budgets for fundraising. A knowledge and background of sourcing and managing funds for non-profits is preferred.

  2. Building key accounting processes including our accounting and financial statement reporting, including improving our processes for invoices, development of policies and controls, and ensuring we stay within our spending budgets.

  3. Aiding in the establishment of financial-based partnerships or any other operations of the partnership team during periods of downtime.

  4. Sourcing and connecting with potential sponsors for future initiatives and programs

Sounds Like You?

  • Core Finance Experience: You have experience implementing and maintaining financial infrastructure including: annual budgets, fundraising, and runway management strategies.

  • Flexibility: You are willing and able to switch gears from managing and allocating funds to working with the partnerships team during down time.

  • Data-informed: You define, measure, and analyze relevant metrics in the systems you implement.

  • Be Inquisitive: Question every decision that may not make sense given the context, and act with deliberation.

  • Remarkable Quality: You produce work that is striking, worthy of attention, and on-schedule.

  • Ownership: You take initiative to find solutions and focus on what must be done to create success.

  • Food Tech Nerd: You are passionate about the food and ag tech industry and want to immerse yourself in the field.