VP of Professional Development

As our VP of Professional Development you will have the opportunity to build professional development programs, seek and post job opportunities in cell ag hackathon, and support initiatives within the NucleateCultivate ecosystem.

Key Outcomes

  1. Building and driving our professional development programs for the Nucleate Cultivate community

  2. Connecting with companies and putting together a job board for positions available in the cell ag/ food tech space

  3. Coordinating and working with our Program Leads to create and drive professional development workshops and resources for our different programs.

  4. Spearheading mentorship programs, career fairs, or workshops for the Nucleate Cultivate community

  5. Coordinate with the Director of Marketing to promote new job opportunities and career development programs and keep our resources and website up-to-date.

Sounds Like You?

  • Leadership: You build and lead impactful, inclusive, and mission-driven teams. You take initiative to reach out with

  • Data-informed: You define, measure, and analyze relevant metrics in the systems you implement.

  • Strong Communication: You know how to clearly communicate ideas and opportunities across different mediums to make sure our community members are well informed.

  • Natural Creator: You enjoy creating and ideating new programs and have a knack for sharing information in a digestible and organized manner. You’re able to get people excited on new topics in any industry or area.

  • Detail-Oriented: You pay close attention to all of the small particulars when working on a task or project and will continue a plan or project to its completion

  • Passionate Educator: You see the value and power of education, and the right kinds of education to empower individuals. You’re looking for ways to redefine the educational and professional development system.

  • People-Person: You’re able to get people excited on new topics in any industry or area. You’re a charismatic, extroverted, individual who loves getting to know people’s stories and what drives them.

  • Food Tech Nerd: You are passionate about the food and ag tech industry and want to immerse yourself in the field.