VP of Programming

As our VP of Programming you will have the opportunity to dream up and spearhead panels, workshops, and new initiatives within the NucleateCultivate ecosystem.

Key Outcomes

  1. Put together educational and outreach programming for the Nucleate Cultivate community.

  2. Lead a team of organizers involved in new initiatives to oversee event planning details and delegate tasks.

  3. Source speakers and panelists for workshops, events, etc.

  4. Communicate with speakers and panelists for different events

  5. Survey the community semesterly to gauge interest in topics and programming types

Sounds Like You?

  • Leadership: You build and lead impactful, inclusive, and mission-driven teams.

  • Data-informed: You define, measure, and analyze relevant metrics in the systems you implement.

  • Strategic: You can switch your focus between priorities that may yield short or long-term gains.

  • Passionate Educator: You see the value and power of education, and the right kinds of education to empower individuals. You’re looking for ways to redefine the educational system.

  • Natural Creativity: You have a knack for packing complicated information in digestible, fun ways to people who might not be familiar with a certain topic. You’re able to get people excited on new topics in any industry or area.

  • Strong and Proactive Communication: You are a proactive communicator and know how to coordinate schedules and clearly communicate logistics and ideas.