VP of Research

As our VP of Research you will collaborate on project and hackathon prompts, and have the opportunity to communicate, onboard, and serve as a liaison for our industry and academic experts, serving as judges and mentors for Cultivate hackathon.

Key Outcomes

  1. Ideate, define, and write-up hackathon and other project prompts and evaluation criteria.

  2. Seek out a diverse set of expert judges and mentors for each hackathon track and facilitate communication with them.

  3. Address questions/concerns of judges and mentors

  4. Create and provide onboarding materials for the judges and mentors which includes, but is not limited to: slide deck, videos, surveys, score cards.

  5. Work with the VP of education and Program Leads to ensure short and long term goals are executed, culminating in a successful research and evaluation process for the final hackathon event.

Sounds Like You?

  • Core Education or Research Experience: You have experience in running other educational or research initiatives and have a broad interest in various aspects of food tech, sustainable engineering, business and technological innovation.

  • Leadership: You build and lead impactful, inclusive, and mission-driven teams.

  • Data-informed: You define, measure, and analyze relevant metrics in the systems you implement.

  • Strategic: You can switch your focus between priorities that may yield short or long-term gains.

  • Passionate Educator: You see the value and power of education, and the right kinds of education to empower individuals. You’re looking for ways to redefine the educational system.

  • Natural Creativity: You have a knack for packing complicated information in digestible, fun ways to people who might not be familiar with a certain topic. You’re able to get people excited on new topics in any industry or area.

  • Strong and Proactive Communication: You know how to clearly communicate logistics and ideas on new ways of learning and make sure our community members have their curiosity satisfied.