VP of Student Experience

As VP of Student Experience you will oversee communication with students participating in Cultivate programs and events. You will work with program leads and the VP of education to ensure students are well-prepared for Cultivate events and programs.

Key Outcomes

  1. Building a community for our student participants and helping them through the Cultivate application process and following steps for various educational programs and initiatives.

  2. Coordinating and working with our Program Leads to organize and drive engagement from students.

  3. Connecting with departments and organizations at academic institutions to find and connect with students who have yet to be introduced to food & ag tech and cellular agriculture.

  4. Ideate creative solutions to increase student engagement with our programs and initiatives.

  5. Maintain efforts to regularly engage with members of our programs in order to gain user feedback on current pain points and value adds.

Sounds Like You?

  • Core Education and Community Building Experience: You have experience in other educational and community initiatives and have a broad interest in various aspects of food and agriculture technology.

  • Leadership: You build and lead impactful, inclusive, and mission-driven teams.

  • Empathy-driven: You can keep an overview of several programs and are aware of different aspects of each initiative and identify areas that may need clarification for participants.

  • Detail-oriented: You can keep track of event and program details and relay this information to others with confidence.

  • People-Person: You’re able to get people excited on new topics in any industry or area. You’re a charismatic, extroverted, individual who loves getting to know people’s stories and what drives them.

  • Strong Communication: You know how to clearly communicate ideas on new ways of learning and make sure our community members have their curiosity satisfied.

  • Passionate Educator: You see the value and power of education, and the right kinds of education to empower individuals.

  • Food Tech Nerd: You are passionate about the food and ag tech industry and want to immerse yourself in the field.