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Nucleate Cultivate is an affiliate of Nucleate, a free and collaborative national student-run non-profit organization that facilitates the formation of life sciences companies, critical thinking in the life sciences, and education and research opportunities focused on life science and engineering applications. 

Cultivate Tomorrow partnered with Nucleate in 2022 to form the Nucleate Cultivate team and expand the programming dedicated to fostering student engagement with cellular agriculture.   

The Cultivate Tomorrow hackathon is Nucleate Cultivate's flagship program and will continue to provide an innovative competition format where students can explore creative solutions to the most pressing problems in cellular agriculture. 

Meet the Team

The Nucleate Cultivate team is made up of undergraduate and graduate students from a diverse set of academic and professional backgrounds.

Organization Team

Bertina Do
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Frequently Asked Questions

1 / What is a hackathon?

Hackathons aren't limited to coding! 

A hackathon is a race against the clock to solve a problem. In this case, the problems are related to the current supply chain, technological, and marketing challenges associated with the cellular agriculture industry.

2 / Will there be another Cultivate Tomorrow Hackathon?

We will be hosting the Cultivate Tomorrow Hackathon annually and putting together several other events throughout the year for students and industry to get involved in.

3 / What is Cellular Agriculture?

Cellular Agriculture is the creation of animal products through the cell culturing process. We will be focused specifically on food produced through cell culture, such as dairy, eggs, meat, seafood, etc. To learn more about it check out the New Harvest website. 

3 / How can I get involved in the organization of Cultivate tomorrow?

If you are a student looking to join the organization, positions will be posted as they open. If you are looking to join as an industry partner please email

4 / What if I do not have a background in STEM?

That's great! We are working to get more individuals with non-STEM backgrounds involved in the industry. One of the main goals of Cultivate Tomorrow is to promote collaboration to bridge the gap between STEM and the business universe to get one step closer to a more sustainable food system. We encourage highly skilled individuals with backgrounds in supply chain, marketing, economics, law, environmental studies, design, and any other humanities, social science, or arts major to apply!

5 / Where do I find information about the 2025 Hackathon?

We will post information pertaining to the 2025 hackathon in fall 2024. Stay in touch via our social media platforms, or sign up to receive a notification when applications open!

6 / What was the distribution of students across the globe taking part in the 2023 hackathon?

We hope to expand the internationality of our cohort every year.


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