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Industry Mentorship

Mentorship is the cornerstone of Cultivate Tomorrow. Mentors engage directly with their assigned student teams over the course of the hackathon ideation period. They provide student teams with guidance, support, and a chance to gain an inside look at the industry.  

Business Consultation

Industry Mentorship Involvement

  • No associated costs - mainly enthusiasm and time required to meet and work with the students!

  • Companies can have up to 5 different mentors for different teams 

  • Individual company mentors can mentor up to two teams 

  • Mentors from each company will be matched with a team in the last two weeks of December 

  • NDAs can be signed by the students with their respective companies; however, all projects will be accessible by the public at the end of the hackathon 

  • Participation in the event by the mentors will be highly encouraged - they should be open to coffee chats, networking events, etc.

Mentor Experience

Become a mentor in the 2023 hackathon.

To join our mission as a mentor, please contact the Cultivate Nucleate team at

2022 Industry Mentor Representative Organizations

matrix meat LOGO
cellular agriculture society logo
Ginkgo bioworks logo
iaccelerate logo
Biomilq logo
aleph logo
Higher Steaks
new culture
ocho candy
perfect day
turtle tree
cultured decadence logo
wild type
California Cultured
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